Launch of Radio Station

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Want to take the time out to congratulate K.T. Mack Production on there success with there new Hip-hop, Pop, RnB radio station.

You can tune in too the radio station at http://www.ktmfradio.com and other details as well.

K-mackmizzle does it again with his latest single “I miss ya grand-dad ”

KTMP Studio Now Open!!

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Now under construction…KTMP has moved to Austin TX!! Studio opening in November!! Check out the progress below…

Lobby Area

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Control Room

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K-mackmizzle Announcement


Mr. Go Get Ah K-mackmizzle

K-mackmizzle doing his his thing again, with his other hit single Go Get Ah also with a Music Video, The hits dont stop more to come.K-mack says ” We just living life having fun @K.T.Mack Production in the best is yet to come, The grind don’t stop we hungry at K.T.M.P. no songs, or mixtapes. Its all about them hit singles” ! Everyone check out Go Get Ah also the video.

K-mackmizzle Strikes again at K.T.Mack Production!

On his way again

In case you forgot or thought K-mackmizzle stop making incredible hits, come again K-mack has made some come backs with his very own hit single- On his way again!


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